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Kindergarten - 5th Grade

CHESS Christian School provides direct instruction to the students on Core and Elective days. Lower school CHESS teachers assign relevant homework to provide students with a depth of knowledge not possible through in-class work alone. Completion of these assignments is integral to success in each core class. Parental involvement in their student’s education will further the discipleship process as parents assist their students with homework, clarify confusing concepts, or answer questions. This can help parents identify their student’s strengths and opportunities for growth.


CHESS offers Core classes that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These Core classes include Math, Science, Language Arts, History, and the Bible. Between Kindergarten and 4th grade, all Core classes are taught by a single teacher in a self-contained classroom. Due to the nature of these classes and the structure of their days, students in these grades who choose to engage in Core offerings must attend all Core classes. Beginning in 5th grade, you can customize a Core class schedule. For example, your student can choose to take math and science at CHESS and homeschool other classes.

Lower School Core Classes


CHESS offers a wide variety of Elective classes that meet on either a Monday or a Wednesday. These classes function as a holistic enrichment to your student’s educational experience. Popular offerings have included cooking, STEM, coding, pottery, typing, CPR, logic, and many more.


Lower School Elective Classes


Extra Curricular Actitives 


Field Trips

Marmon Valley


Field Day