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5th - 8th grade

CHESS Christian School provides direct instruction to the students on Core and Elective days. CHESS teachers provide assignments for at-home learning to provide students with a depth of knowledge not possible through in-class work alone. Completion of these assignments is integral to success in each class. Parental involvement in their student’s education will further the discipleship process as parents assist their students with at-home learning, clarify confusing concepts, or answer questions. This can help parents identify their student’s strengths and opportunities for growth.

Who am I and where do I go from here? The answer to this question drives a person’s choices, relationships, and sense of self.  This query is not unique to our time or culture, but has been asked by every generation since Adam and Eve. Who (or whose) am I really, and what do I do now? How do you develop a strong Christian foundation in the midst of a turbulent culture?

In middle school, students will engage with the Word of God while thinking through ways to live out their faith in the 21st century. They will approach reading, learning, and analyzing with an eye toward developing a strong Biblical worldview so that they can learn to be discerning as they consume both written works and visual media. They will also focus on developing the writing and analytical skills necessary for them to succeed in high school courses.

Core Classes

CHESS offers Core classes that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Core classes include Math, Science, Language Arts, History, and the Bible. Beginning in 5th grade, you can customize a Core class schedule. For example, if your student needs a higher-level science, such as Chemistry, s/he can come just for that period.

Middle school Core Classes

Elective Classes

CHESS offers a wide variety of elective classes that meet on either a Monday or a Wednesday. These classes function as a holistic enrichment to your student’s educational experience. Popular offerings have included cooking, STEM, coding, pottery, art, nature, and many more.


Middle school Elective Classes


The CHESS Student Ambassador Organization is a leadership organization designed for students in Kindergarten-12th grade. Students are selected to positively represent CHESS as they help the school serve new and potential students and their families as well as the current CHESS community. A CHESS Ambassador is knowledgeable about CHESS’s core values (s and unique learning opportunities in order to be equipped to represent CHESS.

At times, a CHESS Ambassador will put his or her own interests aside in order to most effectively serve others. An Ambassador is sometimes the first exposure new and potential families and students will have to the Passionate Discipleship and Christian Community that is indicative of the culture of CHESS. He or She is committed to maintaining this culture, and recognizes that his or her words and actions are impactful to new and potential students and families.

Admissions Event