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"True North Testimonies [TNT] is a student leadership service, and

discipleship organization at CHESS Christian School. Students must be enrolled

in at least one class at CHESS to be eligible to enroll in TNT. The organization

uses a combination of intentional discipleship, scheduled service projects,

adventure activities, and leadership opportunities to develop students into

followers of Christ. Jesus Christ is our true North, and we must follow His


– Trisha Johnson, TNT Coordinator


There are three levels of True North Testimonies.
  1. 7-8 Grade is called Faith Finders. Faith finders will be challenged with teamwork, friendship and the meaning of true giving. They will remain at the school for all events except one. They will build a community together and become the next TNT Compass Crew.
  2. 9-10 Grade Voyagers. True North Testimonies are learning the meaning of friendships and the way God wants us to honor him in our lives. They will learn what God says is true and his love is faithful at all times.
  3. The 11th-12th Grade is called the Compass Crew. Compass Crew will have 4 events a year. Each one is a totally different experience and will have a guest speaker to introduce the Lord to us in a study that will help strengthen our upperclassmen who will be crossing many new difficulties as they move into adulthood.

​​​​​​​ Each has its own new adventure and becomes more difficult every year.