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Discover a Sense of Self

A private preschool serving 2 years old through Pre-K in SW Ohio.




Modern Learning. Inspired by Wonder.

Designed for Christian families in SW Ohio, our             personalized learning curriculum blends the best of modern education in a small community which champions young minds to explore, learn and grow in an atmosphere inspired by biblical truths and wonder.






Personalized Context +

God-Inspired Setting

We believe that the Word of God has unique relevance in early childhood. When properly integrated into a curriculum, we know the Bible provides the students with competencies that are vital to the process of coping in a world turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our campus is located in a beautiful rural countryside setting minutes away from busy modern life. For preschoolers, this means they get a safe outdoor space, lined with trees and wide-open spaces that will spark wonder in God’s creation.

Our teachers use this setting as a backdrop for young

students to discover a sense of themselves and a feeling

of wonder when learning the fundamentals of science, language

and community.

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Love God and others in a captivating, safe environment. 

At CHESS, your child is known and cared for. Teachers walk alongside students as they explore, play, wonder, and create, finding opportunities for learning and growth.




Learn through curiosity, intentional play, and formative relationships.

CHESS preschool teachers move through the day with their students, looking for micro moments to lean into and teach.


Grow spiritually, academically, and socially.

When your child is not with you, it’s important to be intentional about who they spend time with. With priority given to spiritual, academic, and social growth, CHESS preschoolers are not only  academically prepared for Kindergarten, but they begin to discover who God created them to be.






Rather than delivering a “one-size-fits-most” education, we give you the choice for your level of engagement through creative collaboration with the school, individualized scheduling, and flexible financial options. Enrollment is based on your needs – academic, financial, and social. Your preschooler can attend one half day a week, four full days – or anything in between!