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What is an Amassador?

The CHESS Student Ambassador Organization is a leadership organization designed for students in Kindergarten-12th grade. Students are selected to positively represent CHESS as they help the school serve new and potential students and their families as well as the current CHESS community. A CHESS Ambassador is knowledgeable about CHESS’s core values (see handbook, page 9) and unique learning opportunities in order to be equipped to represent CHESS. 

At times, a CHESS Ambassador will put his or her own interests aside in order to most effectively serve others. An Ambassador is sometimes the first exposure new and potential families and students will have to the Passionate Discipleship and Christian Community that is indicative of the culture of CHESS. He or She is committed to maintaining this culture, and recognizes that his or her words and actions are impactful to new and potential students and families.



An Ambassador will have the opportunity to grow and develop leadership skills. This will benefit our students as they build their resumes and college applications. Student Ambassadors will strengthen their conversational and interpersonal skills. 


Student Ambassadors will meet for two lunches per year, provided by CHESS, for training and team building. Additional age-appropriate training and development will take place throughout the year. 


Student Ambassadors may help with planning and developing additional programs at CHESS that will benefit the student body. They will assist with new-student orientation and shadowing, and may help with open houses and tours. They will have an impact on the culture of the student body and will provide input on some of the events and activities at CHESS. An Ambassador may be chosen as a student trainer for new Ambassadors for the following year.

Student Ambassadors will have the opportunity to live out the gospel to their classmates, and to share the gospel and God’s work in their lives. He or she will be challenged and led to identify their unique gifts and passions, and will be guided toward opportunities to use those gifts and passions to serve others.