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The Christ-Centered Community makes us feel like we belong.

By The Brake Family

We moved to Ohio in the summer of 2021 to settle down after 9 moves in 7 years. Our kids had never known stability and as we watched what was going on in the world around us, we knew it was more vital than ever to be somewhere where we could trust that our children would grow closer to Jesus and learn how to think critically and understand the world through a Biblical perspective. We cared about our kids growing academically but our primary focus was their souls being nurtured, and as soon as we interviewed with CHESS, we knew we had found a place where they would grow equally as people and as students.

Right from the beginning, CHESS made us feel like we belonged. CHESS's CEO rocked my baby to sleep in the hallway while I volunteered at a Christmas party because she cared. When my husband deployed, the staff constantly asked how they could support me. Fellow parents introduced themselves and set up play dates at the park. My kids made friends who have the same values and build them up. After so many years of feeling disconnected from our community due to constant moves, we felt so grateful to be welcomed in such a generous way by a community so focused on serving and loving our children.

This is our third year at CHESS and the growth we have seen in our children is incredible. They spend their days learning through movement and music and art, learning in nature, memorizing God's word, and being taught academics in a way they really enjoy. Children all learn differently and CHESS embraces that, teaching all my children in the way they are most receptive. My kids have grown greatly as students, but most importantly, they have grown as people, and I could not be more grateful for CHESS. 

We love the flexible engagement CHESS offers!

By O'Toole Family

I am overflowing with thankfulness to the Lord for leading my family to CHESS Christian School! Not only do the faculty and administration genuinely care for and invest in my children, but the whole CHESS community has made my family feel loved and valued. CHESS's flexible course scheduling has also transformed my family dynamic. When my kids were in a traditional school setting, attending for nearly 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, my husband and I felt like we hardly saw them, especially because my husband gets Wednesdays off of work instead of Saturdays. At CHESS, we've been able to customize a class schedule that allows our kids to be home every Wednesday. Now, Wednesdays have become our family day and my husband and I love being more involved in our kids' lives and education.

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